Premier BPO & Consulting

Dynamic BPO powered by elite consulting arm at the most competitive price.


We help clients evaluate their current standing among peers, realize critical goals, and improve their performance through process engineering/innovation, operations audit, and cost optimization.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Based on rigorous understanding of customer services business models, we provide custom tailored BPO services at every tier (T1, T2/3, Back Office, Total IT Outsourcing) backed by industry leading top talents.

Survey & Mystery Shopping

Customers are the heaviest contributors driving financial performance at any organization. We help clients understand how they are perceived by their customers, and identify areas of opportunity to maintain healthy correlation of customer satisfaction and financial results.

Solution Development

Backed by rich experience in application development covering wide range of platforms, we help clients to turn great idea into great product. We also offer maintenance solutions – keeping the applications relevant to today’s rapidly changing enterprise.

Dynamic BPO

Powered by elite consulting arm.

Contact Center

Customers are supported by the top contact center talent who share the client’s fundamental values. We offer multiple levels of services via multiple channels*

  • Tier 1: standard tech/business process support
  • Tire 2: in-depth support (includes remote access administration/troubleshooting)
  • Tier 3: advanced support for critical issues

* Channels include but not limited to phones, chat, email

Case Management

Seamless three-way integration among customer, front-end, and back-office case management team offers the smoothest customer experience:

  • Custom tailored processes designed to resolve specific scenarios
  • Minimize customer effort during case resolution
  • Minimize end-to-end turnaround time

IT Outsourcing

We help clients to keep up with increasingly sophisticated IT service requirements with the following benefits:

  • Around-the-clock support all year long
  • Custom tailored scalability per clients’ needs and strategic directions
  • Significant cost saving

Consulting That Is Real

Strategy and competitive edge when you need them.

Process Excellence

Process Engineering: Process drives daily operations, and good process delivers successful operations. We work with clients at every level of their organization to:

  • Developing an understanding of core operational needs
  • Designing operational steps that are aligned with industry best practices
  • Implementing and monitoring until stabilization

Process Innovation: We help clients to stay current with the rapidly changing customer service industry, and make lasting operational improvements.

  • Assessing the existing processes
  • Analyzing the most effective means of transforming into new operation models
  • Implementing and monitoring until stabilization

Mystery Shopping

We turn blind spots into new opportunities through objective review of clients’ operations from various live scenarios.

  • Identifying operational adherence to established process/policy
  • Performing deep-dive analysis via case study for focused areas
  • Delivering executive reports

Cost Optimization

Less is more. We help clients invest in areas that are best aligned with the current/future strategy by:

  • Assessing essential and non-essential costs across departments
  • Simulating various operation models
  • Designing/implementing enhancements followed by monitoring

Comprehensive 360° Surveys

Discover who you are to become who you want to be.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Measure customer satisfaction at every interaction point throughout the customer journey, and discover underlying factors driving positive or negative experience.

  • Custom tailored survey contents designed to identify cause and effect
  • Reports that serve the needs for all levels of client organization
  • Flexible customer outreach with great scalability

Gap Analysis

Discover what stands between the ultimate target and actual operational performance, and develop enhancement plan with tangible performance indicators.

  • Develop 360° understanding of current strengths and weaknesses
  • Define goals and priorities for gap closure activities
  • Develop a roadmap and monitor the effectiveness of changes, and reassess goals and strategies

Top Notch Development

Great idea of today into the greatest product of tomorrow.

While our development possibilities are endless, below are a few examples:

E-Tracking Platform

Tracking end-to-end secure delivery of credit card and financial services documents, and automating activation:

  • Features: GPS mapping, sectoring, route compliance, SLA tracking, unified viewing
  • 29% on-time delivery improvements
  • Applicable for all delivery formats

E-Commerce Platform

Virtual cash solution that offers seamless buying experience for customer across various institutions:

  • Easy and transparent credit management, user friendly platform allowing easy vendor-onboarding
  • 100+ corporate clients
  • 400K+ transactions per month


Web based, Desktop,
SOA, Mobile

Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL
DB2, Infomix, and more

Operating Systems
Microsoft, Linux,
Solaris, and more

App & Web Servers
.NET Framework, JOracle IAS,
JBoss, Apache Tomcat, Websphere,

Dev. tools

Struts, Tapestry, Hibernate,
Swing, and more

C++, C#, VB, ASP.NET,
Silverlight, Spring

SalesForce, PHP, Delphi,
iOS, Android, Ruby on Rails, Microsoft Dynamics AX

Testing Tools

Silk Performer, HP Load Runner,
JMeter, and more

MS Test Manager, Rational Functional Tester, AXE, HP Quick Test Pro, HP Quality Center, Selenium, JUnit, JMeter, Marathon, JSystem

One Stop Case Management

The greatest answer to the classic problem in customer experience management.

Typical customer experience challenges

Customers are often frustrated to find out that getting a resolution is not simple, and takes a lot of  time speaking to multiple individuals – leading to negative experience.

Challenge turns into advancement

It is best if the customer journey is short and has a straight path to a resolution. Through One Stop Case Management service, we have simplified the customer’s journey for moderate to complicated cases. As a result, significant improvements have been measured in Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Turn Around Time (TAT), Customer Effort (CE)