Premier BPO & Consulting

Dynamic BPO powered by elite consulting arm at the most competitive price.

Contact Center

Customers are supported by the top contact center talent who share the client’s fundamental values. We offer multiple levels of services via multiple channels*

  • Tier 1: standard tech/business process support
  • Tire 2: in-depth support (includes remote access administration/troubleshooting)
  • Tier 3: advanced support for critical issues

* Channels include but not limited to phones, chat, email

Case Management

Seamless three-way integration among customer, front-end, and back-office case management team offers the smoothest customer experience:

  • Custom tailored processes designed to resolve specific scenarios
  • Minimize customer effort during case resolution
  • Minimize end-to-end turnaround time

IT Outsourcing

We help clients to keep up with increasingly sophisticated IT service requirements with the following benefits:

  • Around-the-clock support all year long
  • Custom tailored scalability per clients’ needs and strategic directions
  • Significant cost saving